F.W. Owens Services

General Contracting

Full service General Contractor serving the region for over 80 years

We have experience in a myriad of different project delivery methods as a General Contractor, including various negotiated and competitive bid structured projects.

Our experienced team provides thorough, detail oriented, management of your project every step of the way

Our skilled tradesmen place quality and safety as a priority

We partner with quality subcontractors that add to our quality based and innovative approach to your specific project

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Construction Management

Guiding your project from beginning to end

The CM is a delivery method that places the Constructor on the Owner's side of the table. Services available include CM as Agent/Advisor and CM as Constructor/CM at Risk. Benefits include:

Team oriented approach

Cost conscious, schedule driven customized approach from the beginning

Pre planning throughout design phase to fit the client needs

Critical path scheduling

Design, preconstruction, procurement, construction and post construction activities managed within one partner

Design/Build Services

A comprehensive turn-key approach to your project

From renovations to new construction

Professional AIA design services, including in-house design and/or partnering with highly skilled design firms/teams best suited for your project

Single point of contact for owner

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Pre-Construction Services

Review of potential projects for:


Logistics/Construction phasing

Budget/Cost reviews

Design and construction schedules