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Mission and Goals


F.W. Owens Company operations are performed with a focus on safety. Accidents can be prevented

when safety is primary. The company safety director is dedicated to strict project safety

requirements, conducts regular job site audits, conducts training classes, and provides guidance to

employees to insure the requirements are performed. The following safety performance goals are

stressed for all company employees to achieve.


     • Maintain safe working conditions at all times to manage a zero accident environment.

     • Immediately investigate and report all unsafe conditions, behavior, and near misses.

     • All project supervisors shall receive thirty hours of OSHA training.

     • All construction employees shall receive ten hours of OSHA training.

     • All new construction employees shall receive safety orientation prior to initiating work.

     • Annual safety meetings of all construction employees to discuss performance shall be

       performed on an annual basis.

     • Activity Hazard Analysis, safety pre-planning guide, shall be studied, and understood by all

       construction employees.

     • Perform a documented job site audit of all projects at least once a month.

     • Conduct weekly safety meetings at each project site.

     • Ensure all safety training requirements are identified, and a plan is implemented to keep them


     • Provide all supervisors with a safety tool kit for management of safety requirements.



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