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Mark has been an owner of F.W. Owens Company since 2003, and president since 2011.


While his father was an owner of the company, and general superintendent coordinating

construction of all projects, Mark joined the company in 1980 as one of the field construction personnel. He earned an associates degree in civil engineering from the Speed

Engineering School at the University of Louisville in 1983.


In 1988 Mark achieved project field superintendent status, and when his father retired in 1999, he became the general superintendent for the company. At the job capacity he has been responsible for coordinating company wide field operations, and works closely with all company on-site project superintendents to plan directions for construction, facilitates equipment and manpower requirements, and resolves job specific problematic conditions that occur during construction.


Mark also oversees project contract administration, and also works as a  project administration and construction manager when necessary.


Contact Mark on-line at mheckman@fwowens.com



F.W. Owens Company, Inc.    4011 Shepherdsville Road - Louisville KY 40218     T 502-637-4225      F 502-635-1464